African-American Settlement in Cambria County

This Settlement was founded in the late 1790's by Edinborough Smith and William Harshberger - whose families have called the Johnstown Area home for over 200 years.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer at the Brown Farm

A rare trip to Laurel Hill Settlement in the middle of summer. Headed up - to geocache and get apples from what's left of the old 150 year old orchard.
I have to say - it's beautiful with all the lush green of summer - but rather uncomfortable with all the muggy weather and bugs - which must have been even worse 200 years ago - with all the livestock.
Heading over towards the cemetery and what's left of the orchard. This shot shows where the old cabin used to be.
This is one of the three apple tree's left - this grand old lady of the forest has a charm and a history all its own.
It's hard to tell from this photo - but what you are looking at is the cemetery full of weeds and tall grass.
I call these apple trees - the three sisters.