African-American Settlement in Cambria County

This Settlement was founded in the late 1790's by Edinborough Smith and William Harshberger - whose families have called the Johnstown Area home for over 200 years.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Harshberger Cabin Painting

You are looking at a painting done of old Elmer Brown's log cabin by Helen Price. She was a founding member of Allied Artists. And anyone that went to Bheam School, she was a friend of old Miss Paul my first art teacher who was also a member of that group.
This painting is hanging down a JAHA. Price painted a whole series of old log cabins thru out the area. This picture gives a great snapshot look at the lay of the land in and around the cabin. If you are new to this site - the cabin was built around 1827 by William Harshberger a free black man who brought his family over the mountain from Lancaster County and settled up Laurel Hill. William was Elmer's (he was born a Harshberger) great-grandfather.
Unfortuately the cabin burnt to the ground in the 1970's in a case of arson.
If you know anyone that has any pictures from up at Brown's - please let me know: